1. Money-back Guarantee. Our goal is to provide you with the most personalized customer service and the highest quality pest control programs in the state. If you feel our service did not meet your expectations, you will be refunded in full for any service issue that could not be corrected. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.
  1. Free estimate and inspection, of your home or business. Every property is unique, that’s why we customize our pest control services for each and every customer. This lets us provide a more effective and comprehensive service to meet YOUR needs.
  1. Customized IPM treatments. IPM stand for Integrated Pest Management. IPM is an ecosystem-based method that focuses on long-term prevention of pests using a combination of techniques. Our IPM strategy is…
  • Inspection-This is essential to solving pest control problems quickly. We will inspect the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Identification-This must be accurate to provide effective control. We will figure out what kind of bugs you have, and why they are coming into your home.
  • Recommendation-This can only be done after inspecting your home. Our recommendations will include not only what we can do to help you, but what steps you can take as well to help prevent future infestations.
  • Treatment-This is how we solve your pest problems. We always use treatment methods and products that minimize risk to people, pets, and the environment. They have little-to-no-odor and no visible residue.
  • Evaluation-Continuing to evaluate and service your property allows us to keep pests from returning.
  1. Reliable Scheduling, because we respect your time. We make and keep exact appointment times. We will never leave you guessing as to when we will show up. We schedule appointment times that are convenient for you. We’re happy to call ahead if desired, and in the event we happen to be running late, I will always call and let you know.